1. Spare parts for Thermal power plant "Morava"
EAR – European agency for reconstruction
325.000,00 €

2. Low voltage switchgear 20/0.4kV, 3MVA
Delyug - Delta group Greece
400.000,00 €

3. Subdistribution low-voltage system
Delyug - Delta group Greece
300.000,00 €

4. CIP switchgear
Delyug - Delta group Greece
300.000,00 €

5. Low voltage equipment
NIS RNP - Serbian oil industry
300.000,00 €

6. Urgent recovery of low voltage system after incident
Tobbaco factory in Niš
50.000,00 €

7. PLC system
PK Kostolac (National mining company)
100.000,00 €

8. MV and LV compensation of reactive energy
100.000,00 €

9. Revitalisation of Termo power plant "Nikola Tesla"
EAR- European agency for reconstruction
250.000,00 €

10. Equipment delivery for PC «Ušće»
(largest bussiness complex in Serbia)
50.000,00 €

11. 500kW Motor and drive in Ex-protection level
Sojaprotein (food industry)
90.000,00 €

12. 900kW Motor and drive
PK Kostolac (national mining company)
80.000,00 €

1993. – 1997.

“Expro” company was established in 1993. , as a private owned shareholding enterprise, performing software solutions for the automatic control of industrial and business projects.


Beginning of cooperation with the “ABB” company, executing the Distribution plant in Stara Pazova in Serbia (20 / 0,4 KV , 3 x 1000 KVA).


“Expro” was appointed to be an authorized dealer of the “ABB” low voltage equipment for the markets of Serbia and Montenegro.


“Expro” extends the fields of its activities by becoming an authorized dealer for the following companies:
- IFM-Electronic, sensor technique manufacturer from Germany
- ESA-Elletronica , mmi Industry Panels manufacturer from Italy
- Gossen-Mettrawat, measuring equipment manufacturer from Germany
European Reconstruction Agency project, delivery of medium voltage and low voltage circuit breakers for “Morava” and “Nikola Tesla” Thermo Power Plants, was successfully completed in this year.
“Expro” is moving into new premises in the center of Belgrade.
For the first time, “Expro” is presented at Belgrade Fair Technical Exhibition.


Reconstruction of 0,4 KV Distribution system of the “Nikola Tesla” Thermo Power Plant (Block A), performed with the “Termoelektro ENEL” company, was completed in this year.
Market share of “Expro” company in Serbian market is steadily growing.
New information and management system was introduced in Company as well as a personal training.


“Zucchini” company of Italy, manufacturer of armored busbar systems as well as dry transformers, is added to the list of companies to be represented in Serbia.
Delivery of equipment and software for the reconstruction of Thermo Power Plant “Kostolac”, performed in cooperation with The Belgrade Electrical Engineering Faculty, was completed in this year.


“Expro” company is expanding further more. Dealership of the “ABB” equipment is steadily growing, i.e. deliveries for the Power Distribution Company of Serbia are exceeding one million euro in this year.


Bearing in mind that the constant growth is the essence of its existence, Company is at the crossroads: widening the path already on, or expanding in the ultra fast lane. Choosing the second solution, “Expro” buys the control package of shares of “Svetlost” company, founded in 1948. , one of the leading companies in the fields of engineering, designing and performing electrical installations on Serbia market. By the end of the year, a full takeover is completed, and “Expro” is in a position to start a process of fundamental changes in “Svetlost” company.


“Bticino” company of Italy is added to the list of companies to be represented on Serbian market.
In alliance with “Svetlost” company, already present there, Company is expanding to the market of Russian Federation.
Significant efforts are being made to optimize resources of “Svetlost” company.


Further expansion on the Russian market.
Together with the “Energoprojekt” company of Serbia, “Expro” is expanding to the market of Kazakhstan, by delivery of distribution board and control systems.
“Svetlost Lux” company, completely owned by “Svetlost” and specialized in production of distribution boards, low voltage power plants etc, is introduced to the market of Serbia and abroad.


Developing a new business strategy, “Expro” and “Svetlost” act as a group of companies. Expansion in the pharmaceutical industry, by contracting delivery of distribution boards, control systems and software, as well as performing installations, all in Russian Federation. Further expansion to the market of Azerbaijan, by delivery of distribution boards.
Concerning the effects of world economic crisis, “Expro” manages to stay in lane of minimal, but constant growth.


Expansion to the market of Nigeria, together with the “Energoprojekt” company, by significant delivery of distribution boards.
In Serbia, Company is appointed to participate in revitalization of Hydro Power Plant “Bajina Basta”, by delivery of low voltage distribution plant, distribution boards, control systems and software, the largest single contract of its kind in Serbia this year.
Constant growth.



1. Zastava
2. Duga, fabrika boja i lakova
3. Duvanska Industrija Niš
4. Površinski kop «Kolubara»
5. HE «Đerdap»
6. Rafinerija Pančevo
7. Messer-tehnogas
8. Knjaz Miloš
9. TE Nikola Tesla
10. Sartid – US Steel
11. EPS
12. EDB
13. Elektrosrbija
14. Montaža
15. Beograd-montaža
16. Beogradske elektrane
17. Termoinženjering
18. Termoelektroenel
19. Titan cementara Kosjerić
20. Coca-cola HBC Srbija AD
21. Doncafe group

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